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    domenicb58050913 Level 1

      I have asked my domain provider support to change my DNS settings so I could direct my domain to my new Adobe Portfolio Website. They have changed the settings according to the instructions of Adobe Portfolio. When I try to access my website I get this website: https://www.myportfolio.com/missing instead of my portfolio website. Has the provider support done something wrong?

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          jackieg218 Adobe Employee

          Hi there! Definitely reach out to us here help.myportfolio.com with a screenshot of your domain settings in your host provider. We can take a closer look as to what is going.


          In the meantime, make sure you've followed these steps to point your custom domain to Portfolio:


          1) Point your URL to your Portfolio. To do this, you must modify your domain's DNS settings. Completing this is a bit different for each service, but it will likely consist of:


          Modifying the default A record for your host name (yoururl.com)


          Modifying the A record for your "www" subdomain (www.yoururl.com)


          In both of these, set the IP address to the IP address provided to you in Settings > Domain Name (in the Portfolio editor). (Please note: We provide you with two IP addresses. The second IP address is an alternate, and not all DNS providers support two.)


          2) Finally, enter your Custom Domain in the Portfolio editor, in Settings --> Domain Masking. Enter your Custom Domain and click "Add Domain".