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    AE Render to AVI Yields No Video

    rayd83336430 Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I am new to using AE. I love it so far but the problem now for me is rendering. I've finished my composition and added all my affects. I have my video clip and audio that I designed in premiere. I went to File > Export> Add to Render Queue which it did.

      Left all settings default except I changed the saved named to something different. I clicked render and it took about 20 minutes for my 5 min 45 sec composition to finish.

      When I go to where the file is stored and double click it opens Windows Media player and starts playing. There is audio but no video or effects at all... What did I miss. I am trying to finish this up tonight to meet a deadline.

      The file was saved as a .AVI file.


      Thank you!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What did I miss.

          Well, straight to the point: We can't know. You have not provided all the good stuff like comp settings, actual effects used, footage involved and whatnot. For all we know, you simply used some buggy effect that didn't initialize. That said, there are two other obvious things: One, when it comes to involving audio, CC 2015 is still buggy as hell even after several bugfix updates and two, AVIs are notoriously problematic since they are a legacy format. So for what it's worth, try to render without audio and/ or choose a different output format and see if it works. You can always fuse the audio in other tools if necessary just as you can do all sorts of format conversions if you manage to produce a working file in the first place.


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            rayd83336430 Level 1


            Actually decided to try playing the avi with QuickTime and it worked fine. So something about WMP it didn't like. I took that output file and brought it back into Premiere and changed format back to mp4 and it worked out fine.

            Probably not the best way to get the final product out, assume you can experience some quality loss doing it this way. All is good in the world.

            Thanks for the response.