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    The Stage and WindowList in Director 11

    Daryl K
      A MIAW I am creating is returning me [] if I 'put _player.windowList'. It should very least return me window("stage"). Anyone knows what is happening?

      If I then run the MIAW and I 'put _player.windowList', it shows me the name of the MIAW window only, without the stage. window("stage") does not return me anything and window[1] returns me the MIAW window. How do I access the stage now?
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          Level 7
          Is this an older movie that was created in a previous version of
          Director? If so, then it may be using the old script style. In D9 and
          earlier, the windowlist operated differently. You can check like this:

          put the scriptExecutionStyle

          If it is 9, then you simply change it to 10. If it is 10, then there is
          something else going wrong...

          the scriptExecutionStyle = 10
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            Daryl K Level 1
            Thanks! That worked.

            It was a Director 6.5 MIAW which I simply updated along with each new Director versions without amending the code. Realised I had to convert the old code to Director 11 ones when 'on activateWindow' functions like 'on moveWindow' instead of what 'on activateWindow' really should.