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    Audio Cut Off after Publishing

      I'm using Presenter 7.0.2 and publishing from PPT. When I publish with "Download slides completely before playback" turned on, and play back on a system where the slides take a bit to load, the beginning of the audio is cut off. An example is publishing in high quality and playing from a CD on an older computer. I found an older message saying that this should have been fixed in update 7.0.1. Any suggestions?
      thanks, dave
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          This is similar to a problem I'm having with playing video.  In my case, the video gets clipped at the end.  I found that by publishing with the "Control Preloading" setting on "Disable pre-loading" (Rather than "Download slides completely), that the problem was minimized.  Some slides, however, still clip the end of the video.


          Sounds like a similar problem.  Seems like Presenter has a disconnect between the playback of the vido/audio and the playback of the slide itself.  It seems that the slide's playback is set to the time of the video/audio, but the video/audio and the slide timer play independantly when played.


          I don't know if this helps, but I think that video slide playback cooordination problems exist, and I hope Adobe looks into it.