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    AutoExpand TOC with CSH

    Cro1410 Level 1
      Hi everybody,
      I an using RH6 and using the CSH with topic IDs method as described on P. Grainge's site ( http://www.server.com/webhelp_project/index_csh.htm#topicid=[topicId

      I tested this method calling the help using UNC paths (\\ServerName\ShareName\webhelp_project/index_csh.htm#topicid=[topicId]) and the help was behaving as expected i.e. the correct topic displayed and the book unfolded and focused on the topic being called.

      However, when we moved it to production calling through a webserver, the correct topic still displayed but the books do not unfold anymore or focus on the topic being called.

      Any ideas on why this might be and potential workarounds?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Chris

          Try this

          Click File > Generate Primary Layout (Assuming WebHelp is your Primary Layout)
          Click Next > twice (this should present the WebHelp Options dialog)
          Configure the Optimize Speed For area for Local PC or Intranet (Internal Network).
          Generate, Publish and test

          Cheers... Rick