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    Special characters in topic file names? (escape characters)

      I'm updating context-sensitive webhelp for a custom web-based application. The developers coded the software so that page-level topics open when F12 is pushed. The software calls the help .htm files by creating a name based on the title of the application page. For example, if the page is titled "Edit Doc - One", the software calls "edit_doc_-_one.htm" when the user hits F12.

      The problem is that some of the new application screen titles have slashes in them. For example, a page might be called "Edit Doc - One/Two", in which case, the application calls a help file named "edit_doc_-_one/two". But Robohelp (I'm using version X5) doesn't allow slashes in its topic file names, so I can't create a topic that will be called for that page.

      We tried using "%2F" and "/" (URL and HTML escape characters for the slash) but Robohelp won't allow "%" or ";" in the file names either.

      Is there an escape character that can be used to represent a slash in a RH X5 htm file name? (Any other suggestions on how to solve this problem--without retitling the pages--would also be appreciated.)