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    Colour banding problem (stripes) in gradients - Images linked!

    Aragiss Level 1

      I was trying to make a simple black-dark blue gradient background on Photoshop CC. Created a 7500 x 5000 pixel image with 16-bit colour. When I used the gradient tool, I noticed a severe amount of banding.


      After a quick search, I've seen some people suggest turning off graphics card acceleration, so I did that but it didn't fix anything. Also tried to do the same in 8-bit. In 8-bit, there is no colour banding visible in Photoshop, but when I save it as a JPG, the JPG file has it too.


      I have a Dell U2414H IPS monitor and AMD HD7850 gpu. The monitor has pretty good colour accuracy since it's factory calibrated. The OS is Windows 7 64 bit running at 32-bit colour mode.


      Here is the link to the images. Can you also see banding? Especially asking this to people with high-end monitors. (View them in full size please)