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    How to crop and combine many PDF files





      I'm new to InDesign, although I understand the basics of working with PDFs. I'm comfortable with Acrobat Pro.


      I'm compiling a vocal song book. It's made up of individual song files as PDFs. Some are "left" songs - that is, the song is one page plus a partial second page. Some pages are "right" songs, which means that they're less than a full page. The idea is to combine left and right songs so I have a continuous flow with no white space.


      I've managed to set up a new document in InDesign, but I can't figure out how to import the PDFs onto the blank pages - or how to crop and manipulate the PDFs so I can adjust spacing.


      I'm not asking for a free ride - I'll take either direct help, or for someone to direct me to the right tutorial.   I'm just not sure where to look - I only need InDesign for a very specific purpose, not general tutorials for all its features.



      Thank you!


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you place a PDF file (File > Place) either hold down the Shift key when selecting the file (or check Show Import Options). Then you can choose which page you want to place. You can also choose between different Crop To options. Choosing "Art" would only place the artwork.


          If that isn't sufficient for you to crop you can crop after placing the PDF page by dragging the boundaries of the graphic frame that is created to show the part of the page you wish.


          There are also scripts, I believe, for placing multiple PDF pages on multiple InDesign pages, but I will let someone else refer you to those options since I don't use them.