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    have revised a complex graphic (smartphone wi. text message exchanges): how best to send to  printer?


      Hi there,

      Printer has my InDesign file and has sent me a hard-copy proof, and here I am, even though I know I'm testing this guy's patience, unable to resist making some tweaks.  If it's just a bit of text here or there, it's easy.  I tell him what to change and he changes it in his copy of the InDesign file.  But I've made changes to a couple of fairly complicated amalgams of images/graphics/text, and it would be very hard for me to describe to him exactly what I did to them.  So I'm wondering...

      Can I 'group' all the elements in each of these two things, and then export two single 'objects' that I can send him?  And then... all he'd have to do is drop them onto the right part of the page?

      I know how to group things, but the 'Object Export Options' gave me 'Alt Text' or 'Tagged PDF' options that made no sense to me; neither did the choices of 'From Structure', 'Artifact' or 'Based on Object'.

      I'm hoping there's a way of my doing things so that the printer ends up with a single file that he can just add in place of what's there now.

      Thanks so much for any help,