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    Develop module in Lightroom 6 (not CC) has reverted to Lightroom 3 - one month after upgrade


      I recently upgraded from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 6 (Mac OS 10.10.5) after a few weeks using the CC trial because I had switched to a Fuji X-T1 whose RAF files wouldn't import in LR3. (I didn't feel like paying the $9.99/month for mobile and other applications I don't use.) I have a copy on both my laptop and desktop. It seemed to be working fine once I got used to the new Develop options (and loss of Recovery). I had deleted the CC version and re-downloaded the application from the Adobe website, or so I thought, even though the download instructions said I didn't have to. On my laptop, it keeps telling my how many days I have left of my CC trial, not on the desktop.


      Starting two days ago, the Develop module appears to have reverted to Lightroom 3. When I click on it Basic, for the first time, I will briefly see the Lightroom 6 Develop options, but then it immediately switches to Lightroom 3 and, there is Recovery again. I had hoped it was maybe just my laptop, but it is also occurring on my desktop. Is anyone else having a similar problem or any suggestions for solutions? Is this Adobe's heavy handed way of trying to force customers into CC?