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    Why is Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2015) Eating up All my Ram?


      I've been a big supporter of Premiere Pro for at least 3 or 4 years, and I've run into some issue with ram, but never like this.


      Basically, I was working on a project without any problems and then all of a sudden everything froze, I looked at my ram and it was at 1.42GB (I've never seen it this low). I thought it might have been caused by the extra stuff I had running so I shut everything down but the moment the number went up, it went back down. The only way I could bring it up was closing Premiere Pro. So I changed the memory setting and instead of listening:


      It brought me below 1GB, almost making everything useless.


      I'm running on a Macbook Pro 16GB, so I know that it's not ideal editing hardware, but I've honestly never had a problem like this with Premiere until today.


      I've tried updating it, I've restarted my computer, I don't have any malware (90% sure) and it is only Premiere Pro. What is going on?