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    Best way to manage a map/floor plan?

    Handycam Level 1
      I am thinking of a new project where I will have a floor plan as a SWF, which will have room numbers.

      I would like to be able to bring this map into a flex app, linked to data of who is in what room. By choosing a person in the Flex app, i wand to display and scroll the floor plan to show the room that person is assigned to.

      How would you approach such a project, from a purely conceptual point-of-view? I am trying to get a mental map in my head before thinking about how to code it. Thanks.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          The floor plan SWF could be composed of a Panel with a number of custom components, each rendering a room. each of these room components could have a name, so when the user selects a person in the Flex app, the app could use the user's room x and y to display that room.

          You might even be able to have a Google Earth like effect where if one room is currently displayed, the floor plan first zooms out to briefly show the entire floor plan, then repositions and zooms in on the next room, giving the user a brief orientation as to the locational relationship between the two rooms.
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            Handycam Level 1
            Yeah. I will be getting the maps as one object, since not every floor plan is a neat grid. I was thinking of creating an xml file for each map with the each room number and its xy as nodes. I'll have to see how it goes. Thanks.
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              I did something like this recently. We remodeled our office (~150 employees) and needed a way to find people's new locations. I took a simplified image of the floor plan into Photoshop and created coordinates for each cubicle. I then brought the image into Flex and used an xml file dynamically created from an existing database of all our users (which includes a cubicle assignment field) to scroll an icon to each cubicle when you select a name. Once the icon gets to their cubicle, a title window fades in with their picture and details about them (phone, email, work hours, etc). You can also just click on a cubicle and it will display the information for the person who resides there.

              It all worked out pretty well, but since it wasn't a 'crucial' project, I didn't pretty it up any. But, it works and is useful.