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    Problems uploading my video to vimeo.com


      I have Adobe Premier Elements 13 and Windows 10 and have only recently started having trouble getting videos to upload to vimeo.com.  I had done this successfully almost every time before upgrading to Windows 10 and uploaded successfully 4 - 5 times after upgrading to Windows 10.  Now I'm having difficulty getting it to upload at all.  It goes through the "rendering" stage completely and then I get an error that says "online service has been terminated -- try later" or something very similar.  I've tried rebooting the computer with no success.  The past several weeks about the 4th or 5th try (and usually after finally rebooting) it would go ahead and upload.  Today I've been struggling with it for about two hours with no success.  HELP -- I have other things to do today also.