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    Flash AS2 to animate

    eslmaxx Level 1

      Hi, I have been building animations in Flash using AS2 to be uploaded to a site for a language forum.  Unfortunately, mobile devices will not be able to access this content and it looks like regular browsers are murdering Flash altogether.  I believe I can convert my files to animate and AS3 (?).  If I do that, will the content then be accessible on mobile devices?

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          yachts9999 Level 2

          If you “convert” your files to AS3 (you will most likely be rewriting them as AS3, there is no magic convertor) and then publish them as AIR for iOS or AIR for Android than they will run on mobile devices running those platforms. For iOS you will also have to register as an Apple Developer.

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            eslmaxx Level 1

            Hi yachts9999.  Thank you for your reply. 
            Last week I asked a similar question on an Adobe 'Animate CC is HERE!' page and part of the answer I got was 'Animate does not support AS2. However, you can import AS2 projects which will automatically be converted to AS3 (you will loose AS2 specific functionality).'  So I wonder about this automatic conversion to AS3.  Am I simply to import an old (CS3 I think) fla file in animate and then export it as an animate file?  It can't be that easy. My expectation was that I would be copying keyframes from an AS2 timeline and pasting them onto an animate timeline for example, and then rewriting the script on the buttons in AS3, which unfortunately would take forever. 

            The other thing I wonder is if you can still have buttons inside movie clips and vice versa.  In many cases I have a movieclip for a menu and within that movieclip I have several movieclips (that you get to by double clicking) and within each of those I have a button (that you get to by double clicking).


            Sorry if these are the most ridiculous questions you  have ever heard.  I am obviously way behind, but I want to launch my forum in an up to date format that users can access from various devices, so I need to understand a few basic things before I decide how to proceed.  Thank you again for your time and patience.

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              yachts9999 Level 2

              I don't know much about importing projects into Animate but I'm under the impression that during the import any code that is not understood by Animate is deleted. Therefore there cannot be any conversion (even if it was technically possible) as there is no code to 'convert'.


              You may find that the timeline contents are replicated on import but I really don't know as I've never tried this. Also you don't affix code to objects like buttons in AS3 but you could add code to keyframes.


              You can have buttons inside movie clips in AS3 but you will need completely different code to AS2 to access those objects.


              The feeling I'm getting from your questions is that it may be for the best if you get a solid understating of how to write AS3. You could then import your old AS2 projects but start writing in AS3 which is far more powerful.

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                ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

                When converting between document types or loading old AS2 projects into Animate, obsolete code isn't deleted, it's commented out.


                Unless you're targeting a Canvas document, or specifically need to interoperate with AS3 code, there's no intrinsic need to convert AS2 projects to AS3. They still run perfectly well in the Flash player and Flash plugin, and CS6 still runs fine and is available from Adobe.