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    Continuous Play Video CD

      Hi all,
      This issue may have been already addresses, but I can't find reference. Anyway, I have a video CD with nav on the left. The user clicks on the section of the CD they want to view, and the video begins to play. Now, the client is requesting the CD be self-running, so when one FLV is finished, it automatically goes to the next section, plays video, and moves on. I am currently using code that pauses the playhead for the duration of the video, and then moves on, but this is not th ideal solution because it doesn't allow the user to take advantage of the FLV skins.
      How can I make a self-running CD that detects when the video is finished and then moves on.

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          From what I understand, you have a CD with a number of videos, when the end user clicks a button on the navigation, you want the corresponding video to play, and as it finishes, loop back to the beginning of the presentation(Before the video was played) If you are coding all of this in actionscript, I would suggest adding a labels layer(if you haven't already) and on the last frame of the video, have it gotoAndPlay("start") (obviously, start being where you want it to loopback to)

          If this has absolutely nothing to do with what you are asking, sorry
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            amspeidel Level 1
            You're close! After the first video, I want it to move on to the next video without user interaction. Problem is, when i import the FLV file, the time line keeps on moving and doesn't play the FLV file unless I put a stop(); action on the timeline. So my workaround is to pause the timeline for the duration of the video, but it's not very effective.
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              TiJayOldroyd Level 1
              Ahh. I see. Well, as you are using Actionscrips and a timeline, I think there is a command for something when a video is finished playing...I'll take a look for it, and edit this post when I find it...

              I think a good workaround would be as follows:

              instead of putting a stop(); on the labels layer on the last frame of the video, put a gotoAndPlay("video2"), then at the end of that, gotoAndPlay("video3") and so on where the labels are the frame which the video is called in. I know there is a way to do it with variables, and if/then statements, or even unLoad and loadClip statements, however, I'm still learning myself, and wouldn't begin to try to explain that, for fear I may screw you up even more

              Reading up on the help files, I see this MAY be how it works.

              unLoadMovie("video_name1") is put at the beginning of the 2nd video, then you would use:
              video_name1.onClip(unload) = function {

              then do the same for the remaining videos...again - This is just a guess, if anyone has any other idea of how to use the load/unload scripts, feel free to interject