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    Starting yesterday after updating to Lightroom version CC 2015.4 (and before using version 5.7.1) I have been unable to print; LR locks up completely on the iMac Mid 2010 [ATI Radeon HD 5750] running OS X ElCapitan. Using Epson 3880. All drivers updated.


      We have updated the Mac OS, updated the Epson drivers, updated Adobe Create Cloud. We were able to print some pictures successfully yesterday, but since then we have been unable to print. As soon as we click the Print button, LR freezes (even the Quit menu option is disabled). We use Force Quit to end the program (but it shows no signs that LR is unavailable). There are no crash messages. When we looked at the System Info dialog, it refers to me as a "Lightroom mobile User". I clicked on something a while ago to investigate it, but had no intention of becoming a mobile user. Could that be part of the problem?