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    Where can I find AE CC 2015 error logs? How can I bypass the crash dialogue box and automatically close the program?

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      I'm using Thinkbox's Deadline to render an AE CC2015 project on a 30 node render farm. The nodes are render only, utilizing the AE Render engine without actually opening the full application. I keep running into this situation. Any time I assign 3 or more concurrent tasks to a node in the Deadline submission window, everything will render fine up until the last task on between 1 and 5 random nodes. Different nodes each time. But on the last task, something causes AE to crash and I get this error: "Adobe After Effects CC 2015.2 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program." Then there is only an option to close the program. If I leave the concurrent task at 1, there will not be any crashes. Concurrent tasks at 2, I will get one crash out of every 5 or 6 submissions.  My questions are these: Are there any logs that will show me what is causing the crash and where can I find them? And has anyone gotten this error or found a setting that will bypass the dialogue box and automatically close the program? If I close the dialogue box, thereby closing the program, Deadline will kick the task to another node, where the render will complete. If I do nothing, Deadline will not register any error and will hang on 0% until I manually close the dialogue box or resubmit the task. This is especially troublesome for large jobs that must run overnight. Several nodes become useless while they are stuck.  I assume it's a bug in AE, but I would love to figure out a workaround! Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.


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