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    Edit Mini TOC style

    Casper Lange Level 1
      In our project we use a specific style to present a minitoc on a page. With Robohelp 7 we had to manually make bookmarks and hyperlinks. The minitoc seems a perfect improvement. Well, maybe not so perfect.
      I want to use the same styles as we used in robohelp 7 in the minitoc, but it seems that Robohelp 8 decides the font and bulleting style for me.
      Does anybody know if it is possible to link a level in the minitoc to a style from the stylesheet?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Cannot access RH8 right now but pretty sure you can change the styles in the minitoc.

          Poke around in the Style Editor.

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            Milind Jha
            MiniTOC style is controlled by the MiniTOC Options dialog, which is launched on inserting/editing a MiniTOC Placeholder. To control fonts and bulleting styles from the CSS, you may change the properties of li, ul(For bulleted Mini TOC) and ol(For numbered Mini TOC) as per your requirement, and just check "Use Style from Topic" check box present in the MiniTOC options dialog.
            With this check box checked most of the styling properties will be taken from CSS itself.