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    Refund cancelled subscription

    Koos Verdegaal



      On January 16th 2016, I tried to purchase 1 license for a stock video under my Creative Cloud account.

      On the first try, I was redirected to the homepage with the message: "An error has occured, please try again"

      So I tried again, and once again. All 3 times I got this same message.


      Half an hour later, my credit card company called me, saying my card had been blocked due to suspicious transactions.

      Turns out, all 3 orders had been processed and my credit card was charged 3 times.


      I called Adobe support the same day and was promised the 2 unwanted video's would be cancelled and I would be called back to settle a refund.

      Both things did not happen, so I cancelled the 2 licenses myself in my account.


      In a following chat session, I was again promised I would get a refund for the 2 video's.


      Since January 16, I've had 10 chat sessions and 2 phone calls with the support team (I saved all transcripts from the chat sessions).

      In each of those sessions, I was promised te be contacted within 24 hours (or 2-3 workdays, depending on the employee).

      Basically, I'm being pushed around and getting promises over and over again for 45 days now, but nothing has been settled.


      Over a week ago, I called the head office in my country (NL) to help me get ahead.

      They gave me an e-mail address, to which I wrote the above statement. Up until now, no one has contacted me.


      I've been patient and polite all this time, and very frustrated as well, because I just want my money back.

      Please help me get this settled.