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    Field of depth between two layers




      I'm a Adobe premiere editor but completely new to adobe after Effects and am in need for a couple of project-specific effects to do myself.


      I have imported a composition with several layers and would like to shift focus between two layers using the Field of Depth with the camera tool..

      I found a very short tutorial on how to do this.


      But when I turn on 3D on both layers, select one layer and insert camera tool with FOD enabled it doen's blur the layer.

      I have made the aperture of the camera big enough.


      When I select a layer and the camera and enable 'Set focus distance to layer' and change the focus distance it applies to both layers in 3D and doesn't shift at all.


      Very new to this so appologies if my question isn't as clear as should be.



      Jef Mertens