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    Could adobe please have a clearer definition between saving preview and licensing

    craigs98097117 Level 1

      I am new to Adobe stock, and on friday i made a rather silly mistake, but i do feel while i was certainly to blame the interface of the website could be better, so i wondered where i could suggest this?


      I am an avid user of websites like pintrest etc to tag inspiration etc, and when it comes to stock websites, i like to pin/save potential images quickly while browsing, then later either select the ones i want to license/download or show them to my client for them to choose.


      What i discovered is you can do this in Adobe stock, create a library and name it for a specific project, then save to that library, but what i noticed while browsing is it wasn't totally clear if you were just saving it or actually licensing it, the default + button which appears above the thumbnails is to actually license it, and there is no confirmation prompt, so i was adding a whole lot of potential images to a library and only realised i was actually licensing them when i ran out of credits.


      Adobe was kind and of the 8 images i accidentally licensed gave me 5 of those credits back once i removed the images from the library (would have preferred to get all 8 back considering i had not downloaded them) but it was at least a compromise seeing it was my own fault.


      Looking back, if i was to do it correctly then every potential image i want to save to a library to purchase later, i have to go through a drop down menu on the thumbnail, and frankly i think it could be better designed, even if it added it to a shopping cart which you confirmed later if you wanted to license it would be better...