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    how to connect to local DB

      I'm a new_bee to Adobe AIR.
      and was trying to develop a small app with Adobe AIR using Adobe Flex3 builder and Microsoft Access as a backend.
      I found some code in dev_guide_flex_air1.pdf.
      it uses the following code,

      var dbFile:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("myDB.mdb");

      I've tried to connect the .mdb file in synchronous and asynchronous mode.both results in different errors.

      my question is,
      1. Is it possible to connect a .mdb(I'm using MS Access DB 2007) file with Adobe AIR? if NO, what are the possible local DBs with AIR?
      2. If connection is possible, when we connect the .mdb file, where do we have to place the .mdb file in the project folder?. I mean do we have to place our .mdb file in /data folder under project?

      please help.

      Thanks in Advance,