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    'Image Size' Lightroom

    MissM2 Level 1

      Is there a way in Lightroom to get the same information that you'd get by looking at 'Image Size' in Photoshop? I regularly need to get the image size (*in inches*) and sometimes the DPI also for images in my Lightroom library, and open each image I need this for in Photoshop to get the information--it's a little time consuming sometimes. I would prefer to not have to save the print size in the file name, and have done that with some images--but since the file names are important for tracking, I'd rather not mess with the names. Is there a way to get the image size in inches in Lightroom? 

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom doesn't have an Image size dialog like Photoshop. because the original image is never changed - you can only change dimensions when exporting. But you can see the pixel dimensions of the image in Library, under Metada when it is set to Default.

          Divide the pixel dimensions with the ppi you plan to use, and the result is the printed size in inches.


          Note that physical dimensions are not a property of a digital image - it only has pixel dimensions.

          Ppi, which is metadata, is used by printer drivers to calculate the print size.

          So when you resize an image in Photoshop and set the size in inches, Photoshop does the math for you, and gives you the impression that it's working with inches, but all the calculations are done using pixel dimensions and ppi.

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            Hal P Anderson Level 6


            Brilliant explanation.



            Doing the calculation manually while still in Lightroom is probably much faster than taking the file into Photoshop. If you want a change to how LR works, you can submit a request at: Community-powered support for Photoshop Family