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    Adobe Presenter Installation Issue

      Hi I just installed Acrobat 9 Extended which was supposed to ship with Presenter.

      I am running Windows XP SP 2 and Powerpoint 2003 SP 3.

      I do not see the menu item in powerpoint.

      How do I know if it even installed?

      Would there be a folder in Programs labeled Adobe Presenter ?

      Any tips for getting this installed correctly would be appreciated.


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          leo_leo Level 2
          Hi Simon,

          Yes , there will be a folder <systemdrive>\Program Files\Adobe\Presenter 7 if Presenter is installed at default location .

          Presenter 7 is shipped with Acrobat 9 Extended but is not installed as part of Acrobat . You need to install it separately and make sure that you install it by clicking on Install Presenter button shown in Autoplay menu shown when DVD is inserted .(Don't install it directly via MSI installer)