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    Does anyone else have Lightroom 2015.4 hang while checking catalog integrity?


      I'm using Lightroom 2015.04 on MacOS X 10.10.5. Lightroom is set to backup my catalog once a day, and to test integrity before backing up.


      Prior to installing 2015.04 (the latest version), Lightroom always performed this successfully. Since I upgraded to 2015.04, it consistently hangs during the 'checking catalog integrity' part of the operation. The progress bar shows about 2% progress, but never advances beyond that point, even if left to work for several hours (normally, the check takes only a few minutes). Canceling the test does not help, and I have to force-quit the application.


      One thing that seems to help is manually optimizing the catalog before exiting (using 'Optimize Catalog' from the 'File' menu). If I do this, then the integrity check typically works without problems, and Lightroom proceeds through the copy and optimize stages of the backup successfully.


      It's not clear to me whether the catalog is corrupt or not. From the fact that verification does seem to succeed -- so long as I optimize first -- I would like to believe that it's OK.


      This was never an issue before upgrading to 2015.04. Since upgrading, it has occurred consistently.


      Has anyone else encountered this issue and, if so, is there a fix? Is there a way I can confirm that the catalog is not corrupt?