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    Super slow loading of ADE


           I used to think ADE is slow because my laptop has crappy specs, after all, it was a 4 year-old non-gaming laptop that cost me about $400. But what can I say, my textbooks must be opened with ADE. Apparently adding the "authorize this computer" function to Adobe Reader must be REALLY hard because Adobe have to develop a new software which opens, wait for it, PDF!!!

           Recently I purchased a desktop, it's nothing fancy, just regular i5, 8G of Ram, SSD, Nvidia graphics card, blah blah blah which so far works like a charm. Except for ADE!!! For God sake, how can a software like ADE load up even slower than Photoshop!!! Everything on my desktop load up instantly now but ADE, yet I don't have a substitute for it as long as I need those textbooks.