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    layer transparency


      Hi all,



      I've got a very strange problem with InDesign.


      When I export my document in "PDF press quality", I can see layers of all .png I used in transparency (see picture below). But all the pictures have a transparent background.


      2016-03-01 11.20.27.jpg


      It's the first time I've got this problem. Untill now, all my prints were OK. I also tried to print again a document which was OK before and now I can also see the layers. But the PDF is still the same (same information "time/date" which confirmed I didn't save it again before to print it again).


      Did someone also had this problem?


      I re-installed InDesign, updated devices (print & acrobat), tried on another printer, updated all my links... Nothing changed.



      Thank you very much!