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    establishing an ODBC connection in Acrobat DC Pro forms


      hey there,


      i am searching for a solution to establish an ODBC connection in Acrobat DC  Pro in forms using JavaScript.

      After reading through several official documents from Adobe like

      Acrobat DC SDK Documentation

      and the related stuff for JavaScript, i followed the instructions to connect to an ODBC, written in the DC SDK,

      added the registry entry in the right path and turned value to true to enable ADBC. But while running the script

      the debugger console shows:

      "ReferenceError: ADBC is not defined"


      searching the internet again, several sources say that ADBC is no longer supported in Arcobat DC. so why is it

      still in the DC SDK Documentation?

      Adobe even advertising with ODBC support via JavaScript for DC Pro

      Ausfüllbares PDF-Formular erstellen | Adobe Acrobat DC

      (sorry, just found the german version of this page)


      so please, can somebody officially confirms if it still works, and if yes how?

      just a small information about how the code has to look like, thanks.



      Acrobat DC Pro

      Windows 8

      ODBC drivers installed

      ADBC registry entry "bJSEnable" enabled