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    Problems with After Effects Project

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      I am working on a project that originally came from Illustrator. I made seven pre compositions (hands, heads..etc) and the project has three characters and one back ground all from illustrator. I saved the project with three back ups .. so basically every one hour I just save one version as a copy.


      The Problem:

      Today when I tried to open the project it takes too long to open 9 minutes or so then when it opens I can see the pre compositions but no layers, so just black screen as there nothing in the project. When I click a layer it just shows a square but nothing else so I cant see the exact layer, for example if I click on the L eye , it just shows a black square with nothing on it.


      Another problem though it is an illustrator file when I zoom in the character features are not clear ,thats when I was able to see them!


      I restarted the machine several times but nothing changed. This did not happen before.


      When opening it takes so long 9 minutes


      When it is done opening the project



      My Lap top