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    Webcam capture

    Mainmanian Level 1
      I am using Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 on my computer and I am trying to capture an image size of 533x280. I know it is a non standard size. The camera does seem to capture the image at that size, but it seems to truncate a lot of the image compared to another size that I capture for a different application, the size of which is 352x288, which is a standard CIF.

      I have two question based on this observation
      1. if I am streaming the bigger image (with details truncated) to FMS, does it transmit more pixels than the truncated image that appears on my screen. In short does it transmit more than 533x280x30 fps.
      2. Can webcams capture any size (within its outer bounds of course) or do they capture only standard sizes that are closest to the requested size. Does it make a difference in performance of the webcam?