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    New Captivate User

    noha khalifa
      I'm New using Captivate and i need someone's help to make my first project just i want suggestions to take the right way.

      What i need to do is a practical exam in usind windows, i begin to make it using authorware but i found it will take a long time to do so, and they suggests captivate for me but i don't want to make a software simulation what i need to di is a practical exam that tracks actions of user and the result will be according to steps user make not just one action, then i'll use Captivate-Authorware KO to put the questions in authoreware and i'll send result to authorware

      what i needs to know in order to begin:
      1- What type of projects i should select.
      2- I need to capture screen shots for desktop and the output project i need it to be in 640*480 resolution when i try to do so the screen shots resolution is so bad.
      3- I need to take result from Capitave into authorware and when i tried to do so i didn't get the result.

      Anyone have any suggestios about how to do this and how to begin

      An example for exam questions is the to make the steps to shutdown the computer, so first user should click