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    Premiere Elements 10 problem!


      Hello! I have a problem with my Premiere elements 10. I will post a picture to clearify the problem.

      So i am trying to make a video with alot of small video clips. All clips are in the same format, mpeg. Almost all files work properly except a few, and they are still exactly the same, all tho ofcourse with another video.. As i can see it seems to be totally random, some fail and some work.. I still have audio on every clip but i get green screen on some of them.. And once a clip is like that it stays like that.. Btw, sorry if the english is bad.. All of my files is recorded in a computer game, im using Nvidia Shadowplay. Anyone come across this before, or has any idea whats causing it? How can i fix it?

      And yes by the way, i have windows 10, i doesnt seem to matter when i had windows 8, same problem.. I also have a really good computer so that has nothing to do with it.. The computer can handle the information, the storage, all files sizes etc.. its fast.

      Hope i can get a good simple answer from this, feels kind of sad to buy another program to fix it.Fel....jpg

      Thank you so much for taking time to read  this Hope for some Premiere pros.

      Best Regards, Rasmus