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    FullScreen centering and input field problem

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      You know the YouTube fullscreen trick? Well, I managed to do that using some
      internet tutorial
      ( http://julian.empiregn.com/2007/2/22/How-to-create-true-fullscreen-movies-w

      But, i need just one additional thing while using "no scale". Centering the
      stage righ in the vertical and horizontal center while maintaining the
      original stage size. And thats the problem, there is every possible
      allignment option except that which i need. There is: Up-center,
      Left -center, Bottom-center... but no center-center!

      By default, it places the upper right corner of the stage in the upper right
      corner of the screen, which in combination with "noscale" looks like a

      Is there a way to tell Flash to place the Stage (and its upper left corner)
      in that certain position on the screen so the stage is in dead center of the
      screen while using "no scale" in Fullscreen? Also, I KNOW how to do this
      with a container mc and setting its position using width, height and x&y
      parameters, but I CANT use a container in my work so im in need of direct

      I just found out that YOU CANT USE INPUT FILEDS IN FULLSCREEN!?! What?
      Anybody found a workaround for this?