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    Is SVG output going to be properly supported?

    jon.hobbs Level 1

      When I saw the press release about Flash being re-branded to Animate CC and lots of new formats being supported I was over the moon. We haven't used Flash for years but we are using SVGs increasingly and a solution for doing complex SVG animations rather than writing them in Javascript seemed like it was something the world needed.


      Unfortunately, our first go at doing this has been a miserable failure


      It turns out that SVG export to Snap.SVG is only supported by using a plugin, written by one guy who has obviously moved on to other projects. It hasn't been updated for a while and it seems to be producing massively bloated output.


      Come on Adobe! I thought you'd got the message about the world moving on. Nobody cares for SWF output and HTML Canvas isn't particularly popular because it's not scalable. WebGL isn't particularly useful for most things either.


      SVG is the new (old) kid on the block. It's use in web and mobile projects is sky-rocketing and yet you don't seem to be taking it seriously at all.


      If it has to be a plugin, fine, but why don't you have people working on it in house? Why isn't there proper support for the main javascript animation libraries like Snap and GSAP?


      It seems more and more like Animate is a re-brand of Flash for marketing purposes only. Sorry to be so negative but our first experience with this new tool has been massively disappointing.