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    need to get more device authorizations


      How do i get Adobe to allow me to have more aruthorized devices (E-Reader)? My device was having problems that are now fixed, but it eat up all my remaining authorizations and i have none left.

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Rebecca

          You would need to contact our Digital Editions chat support here. Contact Customer Care

          They can help you with the device authorizations



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            I cannot find anywhere to get help for this on the customer care support page.  None of the choices they offer fit and I just keep going around in a circle.  They do not have anywhere that I can simply contact someone and state my problem or even email anyone.  I am not impressed with their support page or with limiting the number of devices a free app can be authorized on.  I have 2 laptops, 2 ereaders, and a tablet.  Since I had problems with library2go, I deauthorized and reauthorized trying to get everything working again by doing a factory reset of my ereader.  Now ADE says I have too many authorizations and won't reauthorize my ebook.  It says contact us to have it reset, but there is no place on that page that will let me do that.

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              marak37999179 Level 1

              I should have said won't reauthorize my e-reader.  There is no place on the customer care page to select this kind of help or group chat help that I can find.  If its there, it shouldn't be that hard to find.  I've tried how-to, troubleshooting...everything I can see, but I cannot find any place to get help on resetting the number of authorizations.