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      I have a video that I want to play and I've followed the Flex Explorer's example to test it and I can't get the video to show. It simply will not play the video (or load the video to play). When I click on the play button, it does nothing.

      The video, "test.flv, is 343kb so I know it's not a size issue. It's actually the same video that is used in the tutorial. I used it to make sure it was an actual .flv file.

      What am I doing wrong? Could this be because I'm testing it locally and it needs to be uploaded for it to work?

      Here is the code:
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          Francisc Level 3
          The code looks good, I think your problem is the path to the FLV file.
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            5281s1 Level 1
            That's what I thought as well. But I've also tried


            and still nothing.

            There's nothing complex about where the video is, either. It's in a simple folder marked "video" within my project.

            I'm still stumped.

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              5281s1 Level 1
              Here's a link to the app in question (with source available):

              link to video problem

              Any help would be appreciated!

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                John Hall Level 4
                Right now the path in your source code says /video/test.flv

                So you do have a video folder in the debug folder with that flv in it?
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                  5281s1 Level 1
                  Yes, I do. You should be able to see the file tree in the left pane of source view.

                  This might be getting a bit off subject, but I decided to code the full URL path to see if it would work and it did. However, I need to press the play button more than once to get it to work and then when it does, there is no picture - just audio. It is only when I press pause, then play again that the video shows up.

                  I don't mind coding the full URL but I hardly see how this is necessary when I see Adobe's examples working just fine without it.

                  You can still see the problem on the site I listed above.

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                    5281s1 Level 1
                    It would appear that I fixed the issue of the buggy playback. For some reason Adobe's example had the following line of code to prevent the playback of video on loading:


                    I deleted this and just put autoPlay="false" in the videoDisplay tag. It doesn't seem to be choppy in playback anymore.

                    However, I still face the issue of needing to give the full URL for any video source. This really doesn't make any sense why it should be this way. Has anyone else run into such an issue? I can't be the only one.

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                      Francisc Level 3
                      The link you provided does not give any error... The video is being played.
                      What's the problem?
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                        5281s1 Level 1
                        Like I said above your question, the URL is a full address, not just directing to the folder within the application. For some reason it doesn't want to work when I just point to the folder within the app. I need to use the full URL.