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    How are the prices determined?


      I have had the students subscription for the full creative cloud for almost a year now, and I just got an e-mail telling me it's about to expire. It was set to automatically charge for another year. What struck me as odd was the amount of money I would have to pay. It was approximately 300 euros, tax not included. I checked with the current prices and the student subscription is only 235 prepaid. The regular version is 760 euros prepaid. So where did the 300 come from? It's doesn't seem to be the regular student deal anymore, but it's also not the full amount? If the student pricing was only for the first year, I get that, but I don't understand where the 300 came from. I decided to unsubscribe at this moment, as I'm busy with other things right now, and I won't be using CC in a while, but I'll want to resubscribe in the future. Say I will resubscribe in a couple of months, what kind of price will I have to pay (prepaid)? I'll still be a university student, though at a different university. Will I have to pay 235, 300 tax not included, or the full 760? Also, say I change my mind in a few weeks and decide to opt for another year right away, what will I have to pay if I reactivate my subscription before it expires? I'm a bit confused here. Thanks!