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    After Effects Renders to Premiere with Red frames when replacing file

    jamiemcgee Level 1

      Am having a few issues between After effects and Premiere, and not sure where the issue sits.


      I am on a new Mac Pro, 6 core, 64GB Ram Firepro D700

      AE/PREMIERE 2015.2


      I have some 1080 25p  Compositions in AE which I render out to PRORES

      Import them into Premiere 1080 25p  seq

      Export to various H264/ProRes


      If I open AE and Premiere simultaneously, and have a PREM SEQ with a Rendered AE Composition file open in Premiere and then switch to AE, and make an adjustment on the Comp and RE-Render the composition to overwrite  the Exported file, It updates in Premiere, but when I play the file in Premiere now it will often have Red frames in it.

      Red frames are also there when I export.

      If I close Premiere and empty Cache, it corrects itself.

      Or if I Close Premiere before I do the Render from AE the Red frames dont appear.


      I dont remember this being an issue prior to 2015, also this week it seems to be especially bad. Occasionally the red frames are not present on the Premiere timeline, but are there on export.

      Posted in Premiere Forum as well.


      Any advice would be much appreciated.