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    Fonts embedded from copy and paste vector not loading?

    rickwtexas Level 1

      I designed a group of mailers in Adobe Illustrator, and then client decided they wanted them all in InDesign. I rebuilt what was easy in InDesign, but copied and pasted some simple images from Illustrator directly (via clipboard) into the InDesign documents. These images (like a calendar) are simple, no effects, no filtering, no anything.. just text and a few lines, and are the exact same font as what is used elsewhere in the InDesign document.


      Client claims my copy/paste vector images "made all the fonts blowout in the graphics"... even though the exact same font is used all over the same document and they loaded fine.


      So... copy and paste vectors with an active font... any possible way InDesign will refuse to load the font for these to print properly?...


      and yes, I am fully aware of how to outline fonts and save as eps and place in InDesign... 26 graphics x 24 jobs x 3 versions each is lot of saving as eps', and I can copy and paste in 1/8th the time.


      Thanks in advance.



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