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    How to add trimmed videos in the Organizer

    Tunai Porto

      Hello everyone,

      I bought the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 yesterday and I have some basic questions. I used to edit my videos using Gopro Studio. The first step there was the select parts of the videos to be converted and used. Since I can use .mp4 directly in the Premiere Elements, the conversion is not necessary anymore (fortunately). However, I would like to select some parts of the videos to add in the Organizer, instead of the whole videos. The reason for that is because sometimes I only want like 4-5 seconds of a 2 minutes video. That is very important, because I use dozens of big videos for each project. If the videos are not trimmed in the Organizer, I must search for these small parts in each video every time I want to use them.

      Shortly, what I want is: trim videos, then add the trimmed version on the Organizer.

      My temporary solution is to trim and convert the videos using GoPro studio, and then using the trimmed clips as normal videos in the Premiere.

      Thank you,

      Tunai Porto.