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    Animation very very choppy on ipad and safari?

    dajupe Level 1


      How are we all today?

      I have an edge animate animation

      on my site


      It plays very well on desktops and on windows surface 3

      However on ipad 2 and 3 (not sure about more current ipads yet)

      it is playing very choppy to the point that it is not usable.

      I used the oam. deployment method into dreamweaver.

      It is a relatively complex set up but it is only just over 900kb in size.

      The stage is 1800px wide, is responsive and it has sound.

      I have selected to host onto Adobe CDN (tried without hosting still choppy)

      I am wondering if anybody has any suggestions or has experienced the

      same problems?

      I can hide it by using bootstrap but I have spent alot of time on it

      and i want ipad users to be able to interact with it.

      Any advice would be appreciated greatly!