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    What kind of Logo Reveal is this?


      Hello all, I'm trying to learn how to create this logo reveal. But in order to do that, I need to know what it is called, go to 1:25 of this video to find the logo reveal, if you would let me know what the name of it is, and if you know how to do it or know of any tutorials, please send them my way. thanks!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Huh? A site that requires to sign up to watch free video? No thanks.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I'm with Mylenium.  I'll be darned if I'm going to sign up for some service I've never heard of just to watch video.  Figure out another way to show us what you mean.

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              Gutter-Fish Level 4

              The first time it asks you to sign up.  If you back out and try again you can watch the video.

              My best guess is it's some sort of animated luma matte but there might be an even simpler answer.

              Could be some preset.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                1. Add your logo to the timeline
                2. Put the anchor point on the center of the point where you want to split the logo
                3. Enable Rulers and drag a guide to the anchor point (snapping makes this easier)
                4. Use the Rectangular mask tool to draw a mask to hide half of the logo starting on the guide line
                5. Duplicate your Logo Layer
                6. Press the M key on the duplicate to reveal the mask
                7. Change the mask on the duplicate to Subtract
                8. Change the blend mode of both logo layers to Alpha Add
                9. With both logo layers revealed press Alt/Option + P to reveal the position property and set a keyframe where you want to logo to start the split
                10. If you want to get fancy use an expression on the bottom half to move the bottom half the opposite direction that the top half moves so you only have to animate one layer.
                11. If you don't want to get fancy just move the CTI down the timeline to where you want the logo to finish the split and move the top and bottom layers to their new positions
                12. Add your new Middle piece of the logo to the timeline and position it between the two open halves of the logo with the anchor point exactly on the guide line
                13. Press Alt/Option + s to set a scale keyframe
                14. Disable linked scale properties
                15. move down the timeline to where the logo is together again
                16. Adjust the Y value of the middle part's scale to 0.

                Fine tune your animation speed and add some easing and you're done. Use this comp as a nested comp in your main comp or render using the Lossless With Alpha preset in the Output Module and load up the render in Premiere Pro to use as a title. (it will look better if you change the color mode to Straight Alpha before you render)

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                  Gutter-Fish Level 4

                  Were you looking at the reveal at 1:24?   It doesnt sound like it.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    you're correct. Wrong transition. For the transition at 1:24

                    1. Add a new solid to your timeline and name it fractal noise
                    2. Add the fractal noise affect and make adjustments until you get a splotchy pattern that moves a bit.
                    3. Animate the scale and evolution of the fractal noise effect
                    4. Animate the brightness and contrast until you get a white to black transition with movement
                    5. Pre-compose the fractal noise layer moving all attributes
                    6. Add your logo layer below the pre-comp
                    7. Apply looma track matte to the logo layer
                    8. Nest this comp and your main comp or render a lossless with Alpha using straight alpha as the color mode 
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                      stevenm2860690 Level 1

                      Rick Gerard and Gutter-Fish- Thanks for taking the time to look at it for me! I really appreciate it! Thanks for writing out the tutorial as well!