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    When drawing shapes, how do you choose which shapes are in front? (Arrange tool isn't working)

    pocket_sevens Level 1

      I'm simply trying to draw a pencil in Animate CC before I convert it into a symbol. But the lines for the pencil keep overlapping the eraser and it looks funny. How do I choose which lines/shapes get to be in front and which go to the back? You'd think you could just right click and choose "arrange- send to front" but that has never worked for me. Either one of two thing happens- either I click it and literally nothing happens, or it doesn't allow me to click it. Right now, it's the second case. The option to click "move to front" or any of those is dulled out and it doesn't allow you to click them. Are you only allowed to use arrange on symbols? Why can't I use it for drawing right now? How do I send certain shapes to the front or back?


      Thanks for your help!