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    Lightroom CC 2016 Won't import Video

    craigwallphoto Level 1

      Hi - hopefully someone out there can help me because it seems as though Adobe are incapable.


      For some reason over the last few weeks I am unable to import video files shot on a Canon 5d Mk 3 into lightroom via a CF card & card reader.


      The import window shows that the files are there & I can go through the process of importing although it then seems to hang about 25% into the process.


      I then have to manually import the files into the folder through Finder.  Then when trying to synchronise the folder to show the files, LR recognises they're in there, but when initiating the synchronisation it hangs about 90% of the way in.


      Adobe Bridge has no problem seeing the files.


      Can anyone help?


      Adobe, are you listening?


      Thanks,  Craig