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    Looking for examples of work for article on CC Mobile

    Ric G Level 1

      Dear Behance community,

      I'm a writer for MacDIrectory Magazine (http://digital.macdirectory.com) and am finishing up a series of articles on the CC Mobile Apps for iOS. The next one is on Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Draw. Frankly, my skills in writing, photography and video far exceed my drawing skills. So, I'm soliciting screenshots of work in progress and/or completed artwork for inclusion in my article. I would also welcome comments on how these mobile apps have helped you and possibly changed the way you work. It really doesn't matter whether your art pays your bills or satisfies your soul, I'd like to hear from you if you have something to show or say. You can reply to this post or tweet me @RicGetter to get in touch.


      Hopefully, this isn't an inappropriate use of the forum. If so, my apologies to the mods and members. It just seemed like this may be the best way to reach out to some incredibly talented people.