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    Effects not updating...?

    Ondrej Hanel Level 1

      I have very annoying problems that started to occur some time ago with some effects (such as particular, write-on...) not updating on change. Consider this scenario:


      - I have particular set up so the emitter follows null object (via simple expression, nothing fancy)
      - I crate motion path animating the null object - lets say a curve that particular follows
      - when I change the motion path later the effect does not update and is rendered as with old motion path


      This happens for the pre-rendered parts (green line), the not pre-rendered parts works as it sohuld. So in the end the curve effectively flickers between updated and not updated position depending if I scrub playhead over already pre-rendered part.


      To fix this I must clear all memory and disk cashe (purging memory only does not do a thing) or restart AE. Its super annoying and preventing me from working on some projects.

      Anyone knows how to fix this? I have no idea why it happens, Its relatively new as I cant recall any of this in previous versions. I tried classics like updating software, running as admin and so on.


      Thanks for any help!