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    Please make sure the manifest.xml of this extension is valid in latest version of Extension Manager CC?

    Erica Chua

      Hello, I know a lot of people have been asking the same question as me but unfortunately I can't find the right solution for my problem.

      I'm using mac with the latest Adobe PS CC 2015.1.2 64-bit version and Adobe Extension Manager CC


      I tried installing

      LayerCraft - lab.rayps.com/lc/

      duplllicator -tools.enotart.ru

      renderly-2.8.0  - https://render.ly

      Velositey-v2 - Velositey Version 2 - Photoshop Extension by D&K

      and none of these awesome extensions work. Help would be much appreciated.


      I also noticed my Adobe CC products are also not listed in the Adobe extension manager CC products columns.

      I tried re-installing Extension CC for the 10th time and nothing seems to work.

      I  also tried this solution by @K.Woods

      Please try closing all Adobe apps including Extension Manager, then delete the ExMan.db file from C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Extension Manager CC\Configuration\DB (Windows) / HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager CC/Configuration/DB (Mac) and also delete the contents of the OOBE folder: C:\Users\woods\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE (Windows) / HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE (Mac)


      Once deleted, please restart your computer and retry Extension Manager to see if Photoshop is showing up.

      and it didn't work.

      I just want to use these extensions. Can someone help me? Unpack them or make a fresh installer perhaps?

      Help would be very much appreciated.