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    How to sort images in Lightroom 6? [was : Dear Sir.]

    mogenss4829413 Level 1

      Yesterday I changed to El Capitain Operating System on my IMAC.


      I am a PROF Photographer, and I am using LIGHTROOM 6 .


      Normaly all my photos are  shoting by Nikon D700 ,has been numbered from the fitst to the last shoot in numercal.


      But sorry after changing to El Capitain the numercal is not logically more. Some of the first photos will be numbered af last shoot.


      Have you heard  about that probleme before.


      NOTE: If I change to import the same photos from my card to Brifdge CS6 any problems. Here the numercal are correct.?


      A small quistion more. Every day, when I start op my LIGHTROOM 6, my LIGHRROOM 6 ask my to Get Started with Lightroom mobile.?


      On this place in the top, normaly my name Mogens Skou has to be seen.


      How can I delete this information: Get Started with Lightroom mobile.


      Best Regards  Mogens Skou