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    Unable to open as Comp with retain layers size.



           I don't speak Adobe well so please bear with me. I am attempting to import an .ai file as a composition while retaining layer size in AE and it is not giving me the option to do so. My instructor told me to reset all setting upon opening and that didn’t do anything. I have all my things sorted in separate layers. I have checked create PDF and the project is in media formate at HDV 1080. When I go to open the .ai file in AE it does not even give me the option to open as a comp, just a footage. I end up having to open the .ai as footage then choose each layer separately which takes forever. No matter what option I choose in the "Enable" area I can not get "Import As" to come up with the Comp option. BTW, this is on a 5k iMac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite running Adobe CC. When I am in class on their computer Mac and PC alike I can open the same files the way I want. Any suggestions. Thank you in advance and I hope all of you are having a great week.

      James M.

      The frustrated Student