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    Paragraph styles apply wrong


      Hello. I've got a strange problem here which I never faced before. Somehow my paragraph styles don't apply right. In the options everything seems fine but when I apply a certain style it changes to a wrong font style (UltraLight instead of e.g. Regular). When I try to apply any other paragraph style after that they are also set to UltraLight, even if they worked properly before styling that paragraph with the certain preset. If I change the font style manually to what it's supposed to be, the "+"-sign doesn't appears next to the paragraph styles in the paragraph styles window. Both font styles, UltraLight and the set style seem to be considered as conform with the paragraph style.

      I have created several passages before I encountered that error and they didn't change and display right. There's also no "+"-sign next to their paragraph styles in the paragraph styles window. I can also change the paragraph style within those paragraphs and nothing strange happens. It works fine within those textframes. So it could be a problem with the newly created textframes, I guess.


      I've two paragraph styles for each purpose, one for a dark and one for a bright background. They are named like this: "[Purpose] (dark)" and [Purpose] (bright)", so they begin with the same word pairwise (I don't know, but maybe that's the key?). None of my paragraph styles is actually ste to UltraLight. As I wrote, I didn't have problems with these styles two days ago, when I created them, or yesterday. They started to occur today.


      I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.